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Cookie Club

Are you a cookie connoisseur who loves being rewarded? This is the perfect club for you!


What is It?

The Classic Cookie Club is the perfect club if you love our individually packaged cookies. The FREE membership allows you to earn rewards based on products that you purchase.


For more details on how you receive rewards, scroll down.

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How to Get Started

Create FREE Account

Sign up for a FREE member account to get started

Earn Points

Purchase cookies. Get 10 points for every $1 you spend. Other activities will also get you points

Get Order Discounts

For every 100 points, you can get a $1 discount on your next order




How To Earn Points

Follow Social Media

If you follow any of our social media accounts, you will receive a certain number of points for each platform that you follow our account on. 

Purchase Cookies

For every dollar that you spend on a Classic Cookie snack item, you will receive 10 points. Every 100 points is worth a one dollar discount on the next order you apply points to.

special occasions

Special occasions always deserve cookies! For special holidays, birthdays, or events, we may give you extra points to use for being a member.

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Join today to start earning points with every online purchase.

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