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15 Funniest TikToks About Convenience Store Life

Whether it's late night shifts, crazy customers, or tasty snacks, convenience store life is very unique.

These 15 TikTok videos give some of the funniest looks at gas station culture. Check them out below.

#1 - Gas Station Customer

When you're making too much money that you don't carry any $1 bills.

#2 - More Gas Station Customers

Customers always seem to be in the rush when they are on the road.

#3 - A New Car

We knew people had different ways of saying potato, tomato, pecan, and caramel. This one was a shocker.

#4 - Gas Station Pizza

Folding pizza is like folding paper.

#5 - First Time at Buc-ee's

Buc-ee's is a great experience even if people pronounce it wrong.

#6 - Taking Care Of Your Car Baby

Cars are children too.

#7 - Putting the Pump in the Wrong Spot

That is one expensive mistake.

#8 - Naming Your Gas Station

We like the name.

#9 - Finding Bedtime Snacks

The perks of having a convenience store right next to your house.

#10 - Live Music at a Gas Station

When convenience stores try to give their customers better ambience.

#11 - Making the Night Shift Fun

Who said the night shift had to be boring?

#12 - Life Lessons

Hopefully, she'll never forget that lesson for the rest of her life.

#13 - Family Road Trip

If you don't get that shoe on, you'll be left behind without a snack.

#14 - New Screen Prompt

Tipping culture hits convenience stores.

#15 - Good Gas Station Cookies

A peanut butter cookie made with Reese's® is the perfect convenience store cookie.


Which video was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.


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