The 16 Best Cookie Costumes That Will Give You Instant Snack Cravings [2022]

Cookies are not only edible, but they make great Halloween costumes too! Every year, we see creative cookie costumes that are cute, humorous, trendy, and delicious. Many are DIY costumes, but some people buy pre-made store costumes. Both can look great though while out trick or treating or attending a Halloween party.

From what we see, there are two different types of cookie costume categories:

  1. Cookie Food Costumes

  2. Cookie Monster Costumes

Each category has its unique style, color, and vibe that can match whatever you want to do for your outfit.

From both categories, you can see the 16 best cookie costumes that will give you instant snack cravings below.

Best Cookie Food Costumes

People love cookies, and wearing it as a costume connects with that love. Check out some of our favorite cookie costumes below that showcase the tasty treat.

Store Bought

If you don't have a lot of time, but still want to look sweet, here are some of our favorite store bought cookie costumes with our critiques.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Costumes

America's most popular cookie flavor is always a great costume idea! Here are some chocolate chip costumes that will look great on you.

In this photo, a Donnelly Daily Apple team member is dressed up as a Girl Scout cookie. We like this cookie costume because of all the chocolate chips. The cookie seems to be overflowing with chips - perfect for those who love chocolate cookies.

Rosie Acres Bakery Family Member with a Cookie Costume
Source: Rosie Acres Bakery

In this photo, Rosie Acres Bakery enlisted a family member to wear a chocolate chip cookie costume. This costume is more cartoony than the realistic one above, but it is perfect for kids.

Chocolate chip cookies are great family costumes too! The Do family shows off their felt costumes above. When the whole family dresses up like this, you are in for a sweet night.

Taylor Tries on Head Cutout Cookie Costume
Source: Taylor Falcon (@taylor_falcon)

Another chocolate chip cookie costume option is to forget wearing cookies over your body and just show up with one on your head! Taylor models for us what you could look like with a simple store-bought cookie head cutout above.

No matter the type of costume, a store bought classic chocolate chip cookie outfit will dazzle your friends and family when you go out on Halloween night.

Getting hungry yet for a quick easy snack? Check out a box of chocolate chip cookies made with Hershey's® mini kisses to satisfy your craving.

Candy Cookie Pet Costumes

Pets deserve to look like delicious snacks too. Check out our favorite below.

When you name your dog Cookie, like the little Maltese and Chihuahua mix in the photo above, you definitely need a tasty treat costume to put on your pet.

This chocolate chip with chocolate candies ice cream sandwich cookie costume adds a lot of color to the dog. Making your pet look like this delicious snack will make all the other neighborhood dogs jealous that they are stuck with superhero or hot dog costumes.

Check out the costume here: Baxter Boo

Your pets will look sweeter when they wear one of these store bought candy cookie costumes.

If you could care less about the costume and just want to eat the cookie on the costume, check out these soft baked cookies: Chocolate Chip made with Chocolate Candies


Whether you are a human or a dog, store bought cookie food costumes are a fast and easy way to have a fun Halloween outfit.

Homemade and DIY

If you are on a tight budget or want something with more personality and customization, here are our favorite homemade and DIY cookie food costumes with instructions or links on how to make them.

Chocolate Chip Creme Cookie Costumes

Cookies can be even better when you put some creme in the middle.

Stage Funk Costumes did just that in their chocolate chip cookie costume above.

The main cookie part looks like an indulgent pumpkin or Cinnabon® flavored cookie with chocolate chips in it. The chips themselves make the fake cookie look like it came right out of the oven.

This costume was handcrafted to perfection, but was only made for a theater production. If you are interested in seeing part of the process, check out Stage Funk Costume's Facebook page here.

Frosted Animal Cookie Costumes

One of the most popular snacks in America, the pink circus animal cookies make some great DIY costumes. Check out two versions below.

Ashley Holt Shows Off Her Frosted Animal Cookies Costume
Source: Ashley Holt (@sugar_monsterr)

This costume by Ashley Holt is ingenious for how playful and easy it is to make. This costume plays off of the circus animal cookies' bright pink color in a great way.

To make this costume, you only need the following pieces:

  1. Pink Fuzzy Jumpsuit

  2. Fuzzy Pom Pom Balls

  3. Glue or Knitting Supplies (for attaching the balls to the jumpsuit)

Machelle V. and Malissa L. from A Joyful Riot also did a DIY frosted animal cookie costume with family members. "These costumes are quite simple to do," they say in their blog post. "So if you find yourself mere days before Halloween looking for a family costume, we got you!"

To see how to make the frosted animal cookie costume for your kids, read the rest of A Joyful Riot's post: DIY Circus Animal Family Costume

Sugar Cookie Costume

Another bright-colored cookie costume you can make is a frosted sugar cookie outfit.

As part of their DIY circus animal family costume, A Joyful Riot also details how to make a homemade sugar cookie costume. This is another slip-on cookie costume that you can wear at any Halloween event.

For instructions on how to make this costume, click here to read more.


All of these cookie food costumes, store bought and homemade, are great options for going out on Halloween night.

If you are not interested in wearing food for an outfit, the next set of costumes may be better for you.

Best Cookie Monster Costumes

While cookie costumes will make you look like an irresistible snack, Cookie Monster costumes are another great way to spread snack love on Halloween. Check out some of our favorite Cookie Monster costumes below.

Store Bought

If you don't have a lot of time, but want to still look sweet, here are some of our favorite store bought Cookie Monster costumes with our critiques.

Adult Cookie Monster Costume

Cookie Monster is one of the most well-known puppet celebrities and makes for a great costume.

This costume, worn by Nate T, is one of our favorite adult costumes. We love how the face pokes out of the mouth. This makes it easier to access your trick or treating snacks and the cool fall air.

If you are interested in more details on a product similar to this, check it this costume here.

Baby Cookie Monster Costume

Your baby will be cute going out as one of the most lovable monsters from pop culture.

This is the cutest Cookie Monster baby costume we have seen. The leg warmers, romper, tutu, and bow all make this a soft, warm, and cute costume for your little one's Halloween.

Unfortunately, the baby (or the cookies) do not come with the costume.

To see more details on this costume, you can check it out here: Cookie Monster Costume

Cookie Monster Costumes for Pets

Why should humans have all the fun with cookie monster costumes?