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The 16 Best Cookie Costumes That Will Give You Instant Snack Cravings [2022]

Cookies are not only edible, but they make great Halloween costumes too! Every year, we see creative cookie costumes that are cute, humorous, trendy, and delicious. Many are DIY costumes, but some people buy pre-made store costumes. Both can look great though while out trick or treating or attending a Halloween party.

From what we see, there are two different types of cookie costume categories:

  1. Cookie Food Costumes

  2. Cookie Monster Costumes

Each category has its unique style, color, and vibe that can match whatever you want to do for your outfit.

From both categories, you can see the 16 best cookie costumes that will give you instant snack cravings below.

Best Cookie Food Costumes

People love cookies, and wearing it as a costume connects with that love. Check out some of our favorite cookie costumes below that showcase the tasty treat.

Store Bought

If you don't have a lot of time, but still want to look sweet, here are some of our favorite store bought cookie costumes with our critiques.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Costumes

America's most popular cookie flavor is always a great costume idea! Here are some chocolate chip costumes that will look great on you.

In this photo, a Donnelly Daily Apple team member is dressed up as a Girl Scout cookie. We like this cookie costume because of all the chocolate chips. The cookie seems to be overflowing with chips - perfect for those who love chocolate cookies.

Rosie Acres Bakery Family Member with a Cookie Costume
Source: Rosie Acres Bakery

In this photo, Rosie Acres Bakery enlisted a family member to wear a chocolate chip cookie costume. This costume is more cartoony than the realistic one above, but it is perfect for kids.

Chocolate chip cookies are great family costumes too! The Do family shows off their felt costumes above. When the whole family dresses up like this, you are in for a sweet night.