The Peanuts Gang as Cookie Flavors

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, is an iconic Halloween film that has it all: ghost costumes, candy, the Red Baron, Halloween parties, and more. The best part of this beloved flick though is its characters.

The Peanuts Gang are all classic American pop culture figures. From the kids of Charlie Brown, Linus, and Lucy to the pets like Snoopy and even to the unnamed and faceless adults, all are unique and memorable.

With Halloween being the season of treats, we are taking a spin at what cookie flavor each Peanuts character would be.

Classic Peanuts Characters and Their Cookie Flavors

#1 Schroeder - Oatmeal Raisin

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Schroeder is a character who has high taste. He is always playing his piano with classical music pieces from Ludwig van Beethoven. As seen in the Halloween TV special when he performs for Snoopy, he often wears purple-striped shirts.

As a cookie flavor, Schroeder would be the perfect oatmeal raisin cookie. Here are a few reasons why.

For one, Schroeder dresses in purple shirts - the same color as raisins and as the cookie package itself.

Schroeder also exhibits high taste among his music. This probably carries over into his snacking habits. Many oatmeal raisin cookie defenders say that people who do not like the flavor only hate it because they do not have mature tastebuds. Thus, only those with refined pallets are those who will like oatmeal raisin cookies.

Schroeder faces opposition in his music tastes from Lucy, just like oatmeal raisin lovers do from non-raisin lovers. Just like oatmeal raisin cookies, Schroeder deserves more respect for his tastes, because they are great.

#2 Woodstock - Sugar Cookie

Woodstock is a classic companion for Snoopy. He is faithful and playful. These traits help Snoopy's imagination when the two play together.

While he can be very playful, Woodstock is still very naive about the world around him and cannot fly too high. Due to this, he is a simple friend who has fun.

As a cookie flavor, Woodstock would be a great sugar cookie. He is a simple character, yet full of fun. A Classic Cookie sugar cookie is just the same: no frosting, sprinkles, or other inclusions. The cookie is not complicated, but tastes fantastic. Plus, Woodstock is yellow just like the yellow package cookie.

Woodstock is a great character who is fun and simple. His personality is closest to a sugar cookie.

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#3 Marcie - Toffee Chocolate Chip

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Marcie is probably the most intelligent kid in the Peanuts friend group. While she is more introverted than other characters, she is insightful and will do things to help her friends. Marcie is Peppermint Patty's right-hand woman and complements Patty's outgoing style.

As a cookie flavor, Marcie would be perfect as toffee chocolate chip crisps. Toffee is a gourmet confectionary that was invented in the United Kingdom (UK) where a lot of classic authors and playwrights came from. Marcie hates sports, but can be seen on many occasions with books in her hands. She is the best Peanuts character to sit down with and have a conversation with about literature.

Marcie is an intelligent kid who loves books and her friends. Since the candy was made in the UK where many great literary figures started, her perfect cookie flavor would be toffee chocolate chip.

#4 Peppermint Patty - Chocolate Chip with Chocolate Candies

Source: Wikipedia

Unlike her right-hand friend, Marcie, Peppermint Patty has an outgoing personality. She is sporty, bold, courageous, and sometimes, a little brash. She is fiercely loyal, yet has a tender side when she is around Charlie Brown.

As a cookie flavor, Patty would be a great chocolate chip made with chocolate candies cookie. She is strong-willed, but she has many different shades to her personality just like this cookie flavor. Each chocolate candy is a different color, and each cookie will have a different mix of these colors.

Even though each candy is a different color, they are all the same sweet flavor. Patty's personality is similar where she may show different sides in different situations, but she is still the same great friend. She would be the perfect candy cookie.

#5 "Pig-Pen" - Double Chocolate

Pig-Pen from the Peanuts gang
Source: Hey Kids Comics

Pig-Pen is a unique member of the Peanuts gang. While other kids have multiple character traits, Pig-Pen is only known for his dirty physical appearance. The most recognizable manifestation of his appearance is the the dust cloud that follows him everywhere. The cloud even emanates from his Halloween costume in the TV special.

As a cookie flavor, Pig-Pen only makes sense as a double chocolate cookie. Double chocolate's extra dose of chocolate chips and cocoa makes the cookie darker compared to other treats. The dark base is just like the dark cloud that surrounds Pig-Pen.

While all the kids make fun of his filthiness, Pig-Pen is a great kid. Just like the double chocolate cookie, Pig-Pen may have a dark dirt cloud surrounding him, but he is sweet on the inside.

#6 Franklin - Butterscotch Pecan

Franklin from the Peanuts

Franklin does not appear in as many Peanuts stories as other kids, but he is still one of the best characters. He is good friends with Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, and Linus. He and Linus often share Old Testament scriptures together.

As a cookie flavor, Franklin would be butterscotch pecan crisps for a couple of reasons.

First, Franklin is refined. He often is a voice of reason for the other kids. Just like Franklin, butterscotch is refined from when brown sugar and butter are boiled together.

Second, Franklin often wears tan and light orange clothing which is close to butterscotch's color.

Franklin is an underrated Peanuts character who is well-mannered and great friends with the other kids. Like Franklin, butterscotch pecan is an underrated flavor that is good tasting and fits great with crispy and soft cookie styles.

#7 Lucy van Pelt - Cinnabon®

Lucy van Pelt from the Peanuts
Source: Colorado Springs Gazette

Lucy is one of the most popular Peanuts character for one reason - she is the sassiest! Whether it's getting on Linus' case for having a blanket, telling Schroeder his music idols are not classic enough, or giving Charlie Brown second-rate psychiatric advice, Lucy is one-of-a-kind. She gets a temper when things do not go her way, yet can be sweet when she is trying to get people on her side.

As a cookie flavor, Lucy would be the perfect Cinnabon® cookie. A Cinnabon® cookie is made with real Cinnabon® cinnamon and sweet cream cheese chips. Together, they make a phenomenal cinnamon roll flavor.

Lucy is this cookie flavor because of her spicy attitude. When she gets annoyed by something, her sass is second to none. While she can be spicy like cinnamon, she is also sweet when trying to woo Schroeder or get more candy from houses on Halloween night.

Lucy's personality best matches with the Cinnabon®'s cookie flavor due to its spice and sweetness.

#8 Sally Brown - Cookies n' Créme

Sally from the Peanuts
Source: Peanuts Wiki

Sally is one of the sweetest members of the Peanuts gang. She is the younger sister of Charlie Brown, but still hangs out with Charlie and his friends. Due to her age, she is the most innocent and childlike character in the show. This is most evident through her continual crush on Linus van Pelt.

As a cookie flavor, Sally would be cookies n' créme. Here are a few reasons why.

Sally's naive nature is adorable. She is always trying to do the right thing by loving others. Cookies n' créme is a flavor that many younger kids love because it combines their favorite sandwich cookies with a tasty cookie batter. For many, this flavor reminds them of their childhood where they were innocent like Sally.

Another reason Sally would be a great cookies n' créme cookie is because of her wardrobe. Her main dress and socks are a light blue that is cute and close to the cookie's package.

Sally is a sweet child who shows the best side of childhood like the cookies n' créme flavor.

#9 Linus van Pelt - Peanut Butter