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Content Creators

Do you like reviewing or making fun social media content around snacks? Check out more details below.

Are you someone who likes​

  • Quick easy snacks?

  • Being the first person to try new things?

  • Sharing exciting news?

Apply for the
New Product Club

Mature woman recording a beauty tutorial

What is the New Product Club?

The New Product Club is an exclusive influencer club that tries out new Classic Cookie snacks in exchange for sharing on social media.

Get new cookies first

Before the general public has the opportunity to buy directly online, you will get the first chance to our new flavors.

Campaign Knowledge

You will get insider access to Classic Cookie's fun marketing campaigns that can include receiving non-cookie freebies, new sounds and trends, and other insights for your content.

Free to participate

Being accepted to this club does not require any payment, subscription, or monetary obligation on your end because making cookie content should be fun!

*Please note that if accepted into the club, we expect social media and/or blog promotion for new products that you receive from our drops

New Product Cub Application

New Product Club Application

At this time, we are only able to ship directly to club members who live inside the United States.

Social Media Details

Where are you physically located?
Unfortunately, we are not able to ship directly to club members who live outside of the United States at this time. Here is what we can do - if you find our cookies in your home country, and take photos with the wrappers, we are more than willing to feature those on our social media accounts and tag your page to get you some exposure. Direct message us on social media or send an email for more det
Which plaforms do you post on at least 2-3 times a month? (Please check all that apply)
Which of your platforms has the highest engagement rates on your content? (Engagement includes likes, comments, shares, saves, video views, etc.)
What type of content do you primarily post?

Snack Details

Have you created content that has included snack brands?
Have you tried a Classic Cookie® product before?
Which product have you tried? (Check all that apply)

Contact Details

What is your preferred method of contact?
Thank you for your submission!

We will review your application in between making some delicious cookies!

Once we have reviewed your submission, we will have a member of our team reach out to you for shipping and other details.

Make sure to follow Classic Cookie on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, and other platforms.
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