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Cookie Quiz

Need help deciding what flavor you would like? Fill out this fun quiz to see which Classic Cookie® snack fits your personality!

Which Classic Cookie® Snack Flavor Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which cookie type best describes you.

When do you prefer to enjoy a cookie?
Who would you share a Classic Cookie® snack with?
Out of these options, where would you want to spend a vacation?
What is your favorite holiday based on these four options?
What type of drink do you prefer to have with your cookie?
How do you prefer to spend your weekends?
Which word best describes you?
How do you like your cookies baked?
Which superpower do you wish you had the most?
Out of these options, which one would be your dream cookie-eating scenario?
After choosing all your options, calculate below for the results
1 x # of A answers = ____
2 x # of B answers = ____
3 x # of C answers = ____
4 x # of D answers = ____
             =TOTAL ________
See what cookie flavor you are with your results!
Cookie Scoring Key
10-12: Butter Pecan Praline
13-15: Cinnabon Cookie
16-18: Toffee Chocolate Chip
19-21: Chocolate Chip
22-24: Sugar Cookie
25-26: Peanut Butter
27-28: Cookies n' Creme
29-30: Macadamia Nut
31-33: Candy Cookie
34-36: Snickerdoodle
37-38: Candy Brownie Round
39-40: Double Chocolate

Butter Pecan Praline: Elegant and Composed

You have a refined sense of grace and style that shines through in everything you do. People admire your calm demeanor and appreciate your poised presence. Keep shining bright with your timeless charm and unwavering grace!

Cinnabon Cookie: Comforting and Inviting

Your warm personality creates an inviting atmosphere for others wherever you go. Whether it's a nice gathering at home, a casual chat over a meal, or a supportive presence during challenging times, your inviting nature creates an environment where everyone feels welcome and cherished.

Toffee Chocolate Chip: Smart and Wholesome

Your kindness and intelligence create a harmonious blend, making you not only a smart and insightful individual, but someone whose presence brings comfort and inspiration. With an aura of quiet brilliance, you possess a sharp mind that effortlessly navigates the complexities of life.

Chocolate Chip: Classy and Reliable

Your classy approach to life always keeps you calm and composed no matter what. You are reliable, and people can depend on you for help when they need it. In every situation, you bring a touch of class and charm that makes you someone to always be trusted.

Sugar Cookie: Kind and Thoughtful

Your sweet, gentle, and adaptable personality helps you build relationships and connections with almost anyone. You do not seek attention or ask for the spotlight, but people always pay attention to you because of your genuine kindness. Known for your friendly nature, you are a delightful friend to everyone.

Peanut Butter: Steady, but Fun

Your steady presence makes any situation feel relaxed and stress-free. At the same time, you're fun and bring joy to every situation! Like peanut butter, you add a unique flavor to life, a steady and pleasant presence that improves every moment.

Cookies n' Creme: Mysterious and Adventurous

You possess a captivating, yet mysterious personality that intrigues those around you. People cannot help but be drawn to your character. Your adventurous spirit knows no bounds, and you are always seeking out new experiences while fearlessly diving into the unknown.

Macadamia Nut: Sweet and Salty

You are a delightful mix of genuine sweetness with a hint of savory charm. You are kind enough to never hurt a fly, yet not afraid to stick up for yourself or your friends in time of need. You have a silent confidence that makes you stand out from a crowd. You are the perfect mixture of sassy and sweet, and people feel lucky to call you their loyal friend.

Candy Cookie: Creative and Playful

You are a living canvas, constantly splashing colors of innovation and joy onto the world around you. You see possibilities where others may see limitations. You have a contagious energy that uplifts those around you. While embracing your inner child, you see the world through eyes full of wonder and possibility.

Snickerdoodle: Funny and Lively

You are the most entertaining treat in the cookie jar! You are witty and burst in with energy at any gathering you attend. With your good jokes and positive vibes, your personality brings laughter to almost everyone. You turn any ordinary night into a wild adventure as the life of the party!

Candy Brownie Round: Energetic and Full of Surprises

You are always on the go, and have the ability to turn any situation exciting. Your laughter is infectious and brings joy to those around you. With a spark in your eye and a smile on your face, you have a zest for life that captivates everyone.

Double Chocolate: Bold and Confident

You know how to make a statement and stand out in a crowd! You add a touch of flair to every situation and navigate life fearlessly. You are brave and a big risk-taker. You love trying new things and are not afraid to speak up in a group.

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