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Here Are The 21 Best Christmas Cookie Outfits That Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit (2022)

Christmas season is cookie season! This period would not be the most wonderful time of the year unless it involves soft delicious cookies.

Every year, we see creative Christmas cookie outfits that are cute, festive, trendy, and delicious.

From what we see, there are two different types of holiday cookie outfits:

  1. Cookie Pajamas

  2. Regular Cookie Apparel

Each type of outfit has its own unique style, color, and vibe that can match whatever you want to do during the holidays.

From both categories, you can see the 21 best cookie outfits below that will give you instant snack cravings and a festive mood.

Best Christmas Cookie Pajamas

People love cookies. When they wear them on pajamas, their holiday becomes much sweeter. Check out some of our favorite Christmas cookie sleepwear designs below that showcase tasty treats.

Newborn Gingerbread Pajamas

Gingerbread cookies are classic holiday cookies. They make for great pajamas too, especially with newborns. The newborn below is dressed up in comfortable gingerbread cookie pajamas with a beanie, onesie, and gingerbread doll.

Taken at Nicki Kristof Photography

Pink & Green Christmas Cookie Footie PJs

Along with gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies are a staple of the Christmas season. In these Christmas cookie footie pajamas from Melodi's, each set has sugar cookie cutouts of Santa, Christmas trees, glasses of milk, presents, and more. Plus, there are red and green chocolate chip candy cookies on the designs too.

Interested in the pink Christmas cookie footies for your child? Click here.

Interested in the green Christmas cookie footies instead? Click here.

Not interested in footie pajamas at al