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Here Are The 21 Best Christmas Cookie Outfits That Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit (2022)

Christmas season is cookie season! This period would not be the most wonderful time of the year unless it involves soft delicious cookies.

Every year, we see creative Christmas cookie outfits that are cute, festive, trendy, and delicious.

From what we see, there are two different types of holiday cookie outfits:

  1. Cookie Pajamas

  2. Regular Cookie Apparel

Each type of outfit has its own unique style, color, and vibe that can match whatever you want to do during the holidays.

From both categories, you can see the 21 best cookie outfits below that will give you instant snack cravings and a festive mood.

Best Christmas Cookie Pajamas

People love cookies. When they wear them on pajamas, their holiday becomes much sweeter. Check out some of our favorite Christmas cookie sleepwear designs below that showcase tasty treats.

Newborn Gingerbread Pajamas

Gingerbread cookies are classic holiday cookies. They make for great pajamas too, especially with newborns. The newborn below is dressed up in comfortable gingerbread cookie pajamas with a beanie, onesie, and gingerbread doll.

Pink & Green Christmas Cookie Footie PJs

Along with gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies are a staple of the Christmas season. In these Christmas cookie footie pajamas from Melodi's, each set has sugar cookie cutouts of Santa, Christmas trees, glasses of milk, presents, and more. Plus, there are red and green chocolate chip candy cookies on the designs too.

Interested in the pink Christmas cookie footies for your child? Click here.

Interested in the green Christmas cookie footies instead? Click here.

Not interested in footie pajamas at all but just want some soft sugar cookies? Click here to get a traditional Classic Cookie sugar cookie.

"I Ate Santa's Cookies" Pajama Shirts

Santa is not the only one trying to grab some quick easy snacks during Christmas. With these pajama shirt tops, you can now know who are the biggest culprits when the cookies go missing. Jessica, owner of the J Lucas Label boutique, says that these shirts make her kids the perfect Christmas cookie monsters.

Kids Wearing I Ate Santa's Cookies Pajama Tees
Source: @jlucaslabel

"You Can't Catch Me" Pajamas

The Gingerbread Man is a classic fairy tale about an energetic cookie. Eloise, from @lifewiththehealeys, put this fun Christmas pajama combo together in honor of the classic story. She used leggings from Kiddin Around Clothing (based in the UK) and a t-shirt from The Punky Leopard.

Gingerbread Polka Dot & Stripe Pajamas

These pajamas are a great fit for your son and daughter. They show off different gingerbread cookies (one with a bowtie and one with a head bow) and different Christmas-colored patterns. Both patterns are very cute and highlight the holiday red you are accustomed to seeing every December.

Interested in these polka dot pajamas? Click here for more details: My Christmas Pyjamas Polka Dot Gingerbread Jammies (based in the UK)

Interested in these stripe pajamas? Click here for more details: My Christmas Pyjamas Stripe Gingerbread Jammies (based in the UK)

Cookies & Milk Pajamas

These pajamas come with a matching onesie and hair bow. While many other pajamas on this list heavily lean into classic Christmas colors like red and green, this one uses lighter color shades. The pink and white polka dot pattern helps to show off the darker chocolate chip and gingerbread cookies.

Interested in the hair bow? Check out the creators Tatum Lexi Boutique.

Not interested in the bow or onesie, but just want some chocolate chip cookies to munch on? Click here to order some soft chocolate chip cookies for your holiday snacking: Chocolate Chip made with Hershey's® Mini Kisses

White Gingerbread Adult Pajamas

Adults can have fun with Christmas cookie pajamas too! The white gingerbread cookie pajama top and sweat pants are very comfortable. They are the perfect set to wear when you lounge around the house. Vicky Bruce, a professional European soccer player, loves wearing these with her friends and teammates during the holidays.

Newborn Tree Pajamas with Cookies & Milk

Newborn babies might not be able to eat cookies yet, but they can still hold some fake ones with their Christmas pajamas. Willow Mint Props has the perfect felt accessories below. These props, along with the Christmas tree onesie, will make your newborn photos even sweeter.

White Gingerbread Personalized Kid PJs

Kids love having ownership over things, including items that have their names on it. Dinky Downes makes these great, personalized gingerbread pajamas that not only look great, but add a special touch to regular Christmas pajamas.

Interested in having a personalized cookie pajama set for your kids? Click here for details: Dinky Downes' Family Pyjama Set (based in Europe)

Short-Sleeved Kid Pajamas

In some parts of the world, the Christmas season has no cold weather. These kid pajamas from Baby Forest (based in Australia) are meant for people in those regions. The sleepwear is 100% ethically handmade and inspired by nature. They are perfect in keeping your child comfortable, cute, and cool in the warmer parts of the world during the holidays.


Whether you have some for yourself or your kids, Christmas cookie pajamas are a great way to stay cute and show off some festive goodies.

Best Christmas Cookie Apparel

While you probably wish that you and your kids could wear Christmas pajamas all day, sometimes, you need to put on "real" clothes when going out. These clothes do not have to be bland though. With Christmas cookie patterns, your regular clothes can still standout.

Check out some of our favorite Christmas cookie apparel below.

White Gingerbread Cookie Skirt

Elana, from Room 334, shows off a beautiful gingerbread Christmas skirt. The colorful, simple shapes around the piece's edge are perfectly spaced from the waistline so that the skirt can match with more tops. Plus, Elana's gingerbread cookie earrings add to the overall holiday vibe of the outfit.

Gingerbread Cookie Dog Bandana

Your pets can also be decked out in great Christmas cookie gear. Here, Irene's dog Leo has a fashionable gingerbread cookie dog bandana to accompany his Santa hat. "He always wears this bandana to remind [me] to feed [him] more cookies," Irene says in an Instagram post. "It hasn't worked yet."

Sugar Cookie Dress

While gingerbread cookies are popular on Christmas apparel, sugar cookies also look great. Sally (@diewrecktorofmayhem) has the perfect sugar cookie dress. You can see frosted stockings, Christmas trees, snowmen, snowflakes, and more in this colorful outfit.

Crochet Gingerbread Baby Outfit

This gingerbread baby outfit is spectacular! Not only does it have a good onesie, but the knitted hat is very cute. Kaileigh, from @kaileighkrafts, crocheted the apparel below. Place your child in this outfit next to some fresh-baked cookies, and your holiday treat experience will be much sweeter.

Various Disney Gingerbread Cookie Outfits

Jenn, from @pbandjellyjenn, loves all things gingerbread and Disney. She combines her two passions with some DIY Disney gingerbread outfits to celebrate the holidays. Here are a few of her creations below including dresses, headbands, sweaters, onesies, and more!

To see more gingerbread creations and holiday outfits from Jenn, click here.

Gingerbread Cookie Newborn Outfit

Newborns deserve to be dressed up as something sweet for Christmas. If you put them in a gingerbread cookie outfit, they will be just as happy as the baby below.

Gingerbread & Sugar Cookie Skirt

Elena (@queenbee_e) shows off a wonderful sugar and gingerbread cookie skirt. The cookies look great against the red color of the skirt. The added gingerbread broach, red hat, and white top are wonderful complements to the cookie piece. With this cute outfit, you are ready to go out in style for your Christmas shopping.

Elena wears a cute sugar and regular gingerbread cookie skirt
Source: Elena (@queenbee_e)

Baby Gingerbread Cookie Tutu Outfit

The best part of this outfit is how beautiful the smooth brown gingerbread cookie fabric looks with the vibrant red buttons. Willow Mint Props did a great job with this outfit that looks so comfortable for any baby that wears it.

Disney Gingerbread Cookie Cardigan

While some gingerbread outfits go all in on the look, the cardigan below worn by Kailey from @pretty_hate_machine is a great, simple look. This cardigan is perfect to wear to work, school, or other more formal settings where you want to look festive, but not overbearing.

Kailey shows off a Disney Gingerbread Sweater
Source: Kailey (@pretty_hate_machine)

Interested in this cardigan or holiday clothes like it? Click here to see Etsy shop owner Jackie Rodriguez's full collection.

Baby Gingerbread Cookie Dress

Baby Bella is beautiful in this gingerbread dress. All parts of the outfit, including the big headband and candy cane ruffles, will make any baby gorgeous. When you dress your baby in this outfit for family holiday parties, your aunts, uncles, cousins, and parents will "ooo" and "ah" over how cute your child is.

Full Gingerbread Cookie Adult Outfit

To be covered in gingerbread cookie apparel from head to toe is a sweet gig! Sarah from the Irregular Voice shows you how this can be done. She wears the candy cane brown skirt, mouse-ear beanie, brown shoes, and striped shirt and leggings to to make a great custom outfit. She even has a gingerbread house purse as a stylish accessory.

Other Christmas Cookie Outfits?

All these cookie-themed pajamas and outfits are great for the Christmas season. They will impress your family, show off some good style, and help others get in the holiday spirit. Whether you are out gift shopping, or at home snuggling up in bed, your Christmas season will be much sweeter when you wear something with cookies on it.

Is there a cookie outfit you have seen or made that we missed? Comment below with a photo of it.


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