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Classic Cookie Launches New Flavor

“That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.” How many times have you heard that phrase when someone is trying to get you to accept how things are?

Do not settle for the status quo, especially when it comes to your snacks. Choose a cookie that crumbles a different way…

8-count Cookies n' Creme box from Classic Cookie - the best individually wrapped cookies
Classic Cookie Launches New Cookies n' Créme Cookies

Introducing Classic Cookie’s latest bakery creation – Cookies n’ Créme made with Hershey’s® White Chips. The original recipe mixed with cookie crumbles and Hershey’s® creamy chips make the perfect blend.

Customers are already raving about this new product.

  • “Love the new cookie! So good!” Matt, VA

  • "I'm usually not a fan for packaged cookies, but this cookie is top notch," Natalie, MO

  • "It was bussin. Mmmm. Delicioso. Oh it was just so good," Shyla, SC

The Cookies n’ Créme cookie is great for convenience store, vending, and retail owners looking to sell a great snack to their customers. With an individual wrapper that keeps the product from getting dried out, the cookie will maintain its fresh, home baked flavor for 10 months on the shelf.

Classic Cookie’s signature of great taste and soft texture makes their products, including this new cookie, the best shelf-stable packaged cookie product line in the market right now. The product just crumbles a different way than other snacks.

Check the new cookie out for yourself today:


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