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Why Oatmeal Cookies are the GOAT

For every topic, there is always debate on who or what is the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time). A few examples include

Fast Food

McDonald's vs. Burger King

Science Fiction Franchises

Star Wars vs. Star Trek


Cats vs. Dogs


Coke vs. Pepsi

Basketball Player

Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James

Home Improvement Store

Home Depot vs. Lowe's

The list goes on and on.

What about in the cookie world?

Types of Cookies

In the snack world, cookies come in all different types and flavors. Different cookie types include regular, sandwich, fortune, gingerbread, wafer, molasses, macarons, and macaroons. All these types have good and bad elements about them.

A regular chocolate chip cookie is generally regarded as the most popular cookie in the world. However, a large contingency of people are starting to realize that there is another level of cookie that delights taste buds and makes the perfect snack. They are saying that it is the GOAT cookie (greatest of all time).

That cookie type they are referring to is the oatmeal cookie.

The GOAT Cookie

Soft baked oatmeal cookies are the greatest cookies of all time. These cookies come in many different flavors (including oatmeal raisin) and have another taste tier to them compared to regular cookies.

See what fans of this cookie type are saying on social media:

  • "Oatmeal cookies are so underrated." Madison

  • "Growing up is realizing that oatmeal cookies are top tier." space man

  • "Oatmeal raisin cookies > other cookies. I'll die on this hill." Marc H.

  • "Yes they fire." Blake L.

  • "I love soft oatmeal raisin cookies!!" Amanda J.

Now, a new member joins the GOAT oatmeal cookie family.

New Oatmeal Cookie

Introducing the new cookie to the GOAT family: Oatmeal Créme made with Hershey's® white chips.