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13 Funniest Videos About Vending Machine Life

Whether in the break room at work, at the airport, or on the street, vending machines have a unique place in our lives.

These 13 videos give some of the funniest looks at vending machine life. Check them out below.

#1 - Never Use a Broken Vending Machine

Always follow the sign - it will tell you how to save your money. 😅

#2 - Vending Machine Stop at the Grocery Store

Amyy definitely knows the steps when you don't have any cash and want something from the vending machine: check the coin slot, check under the machine, and check your pockets again. Sometimes, money just appears out of nowhere.

Video by Amyy Woahh

#3 - Eating Your Own Product?

Jaime Ibanez may be one of the most popular vending machine business influencers, but sometimes, he forgets he is on camera while sharing his tips. 😂

Video by Jaime Ibanez

For tips on starting a vending machine business, check out our interview with Jaime here: Jaime Ibanez's 6 Tips For Starting a Vending Machine Business in 2023

#4 - True Devastation?

When two soft-baked chocolate chip made with Hershey's® mini kisses cookies drop in the vending machine, your luck is at an all-time high.

#5 - Drink Machine Fake Out

This drink machine was on its way to delivering that energy drink until it thought it would be funny to psych out the customer.

Video by The_Tonz

#6 - Vending Machine With an Attitude

This vending machine is RUTHLESS and a scam artist.

Video by Juliestory

#7 - Impatiently Waiting For the Snack To Fall

When you only have five minutes for a break, every second counts on getting your soft-baked double chocolate made with Hershey's® cookie.

#8 - Vending Machines Are For All Living Creatures

Vending machines don't care about who is buying their products - they only care that the right amount of money is inserted. 💴

Video by Oblitum

#9 - Visting a Fresh Pizza Vending Machine

No time to waste when you first hear that a warm pizza vending machine is in your neighborhood.

#10 - Vending Machine That Wants to See You Sweat

This snack vending machine wants to see you agonize a little bit before it releases your double chocolate cookie. 😅

#11 - How Much Money Did This New Vending Machine Make?

The ups and downs of the vending machine business ride on how much product sells. When the product sells, life is good. When the product does not sell...

#12 - Never Skip Leg Day 🦵

Leg day, meet the gym's vending machine.

Video by Daniel Chin

#13 - Why Packaged Cookies Are Perfect

Packaged cookies just work better in vending machines 💪


Which video was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.


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