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Classic Cookie Launches New Soft Cookie Flavors In Time For the Holidays

In the 19th century, a nursery rhyme coined the phrase:

Sugar and spice

And everything nice

This classic rhyme was comparing what little girls are made of to what little boys are made of. Today, we are utilizing this key phrase for something different.

Two New Flavors

Instead of talking about what children are made of, we are taking the "sugar and spice" line to promote its two new 3oz soft-baked snacks.

"Sugar" - Sugar Cookie

Introducing the new 3oz Sugar Cookie snack from our American cookie factory. This is the "sugar" half of the nursery rhyme line.

The perfect balance of vanilla and fine baking sugar transforms this traditional sugar cookie recipe into an irresistible treat with just the right amount of sweetness!

After seeing the success of the smaller lunchbox-sized sugar cookie, we decided to upgrade to a bigger version. This new 3 oz cookie is 4 times bigger than the original lunchbox-sized cookie, yet just as soft and chewy.

This cookie in a yellow package is the perfect Thanksgiving and Christmas snack to serve dinner guests, eat with a cup of hot chocolate, or munch on to get in a festive holiday mood.

The soft individually wrapped sugar cookie is a great treat to enjoy this holiday season.

*You can order this new cookie in an 8-count box that will directly ship to your door here.

"Spice" - Snickerdoodle

On top of the new sugar cookie, we also launched the new packaged snickerdoodle cookie. This snack represents the "spice" half of the nursery rhyme line.

This snickerdoodle is a flavorful take on the classic flavor. Our popular sugar cookie base with cinnamon mixed throughout makes this a fantastic snack.

Unlike other individually wrapped snickerdoodle bakery products, this snack eliminates the excess cinnamon sugar problem. Other snickerdoodle brands dust the top of their products with cinnamon sugar that falls off completely once you pull the treat out of the package. This can be messy as you try to eat the cookie on the go or at your desk. Do you want cinnamon sugar all over your clothes?

Classic Cookie snickerdoodles do not have this extra coating of cinnamon sugar on the top of the cookie. Instead, our snickerdoodle has more cinnamon baked into the cookie. This helps you to stay clean and enjoy a hassle-free snickerdoodle while on the go.

The new soft snickerdoodle cookie is a classic holiday snack you will enjoy.

*You can order this new cookie in an 8-count box that will directly ship to your door here.

Sugar and Spice

The Sugar and Snickerdoodle cookies are wonderful new additions to the Classic Cookie family. Both have our brand's signature soft texture, great taste, and American-made qualities.

If you need some easy, festive holiday snacks for you or your family to enjoy, these are the best to get.

Check the new cookies out for yourself today:



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