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Unique Vending Machines of Our World #1 - Light the World Vending Machine

Almost all vending machines are built on a business model where customers pay for an item to consume for themselves. What if there was a machine that changed the model to where customers pay for something that will go to someone else they cannot see?

There is such a unique vending machine in our world, and it comes around each Christmas season.

In 2022, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will place giving machines at 28 worldwide locations starting in late November. The machines are part of the church's Light the World 2022 campaign which encourages community members to serve and give back to those in need.

These vending machines are unique by providing a twist to customers. Instead of receiving snack, beverage, or beauty items, customers at the Light the World machines spend money on items to give to various charitable organizations. These organizations help people in need around the world and in the local community.

Items that customers can purchase in this year's machines include

  • Clean Water

    • Partner charities for the machine on this item include iDE Global, UNICEF, WaterAid, and Water For People

  • Food and Livestock

    • Partner charities for the machine on this item include Care, Church Worldwide Service, iDE Global, UNICEF, World Food Programme, and local food banks

  • Health and Wellness Items

    • Partner charities for the machine on this item include American Red Cross, Care, Church Worldwide Service, Mentors International, UNHCR, UNICEF, WaterAid, World Food Programme, and other local organizations

  • Educational Supplies and Programs

    • Partner charities for the machine on this item include African Girls Hope Foundation, Mentors International, UNHCR, UNICEF, and other local organizations

  • Housing Services

    • Partner charities for the machine on this item include Church Worldwide Service, Lifting Hands International, UNHCR, and other local charities

  • Clothing

    • Partner charities for the machine on this item include UNICEF and other local organizations

  • Refugee Aid

    • Partner charities for the machine on this item include Lifting Hands International, UNHCR, and other local organizations

“These vending machines offer a unique and memorable way to share light by serving and caring for others around the world,” the Church said in a press release. “Giving Machine items include groceries, meals, fresh water, child vaccines, beds, hygiene kits, farming equipment, medical care, job training, educational supplies, beehives and livestock. The machines will be stationed at 28 sites around the world.”

For 2022, machines will be placed at the following locations

  1. Brisbane, Australia

  2. Calgary, Alberta

  3. Cebu City, Philippines

  4. Denver, Colorado

  5. Glendale, Arizona

  6. Gilbert, Arizona

  7. Guatemala City, Guatemala

  8. Honolulu, Hawaii

  9. Houston, Texas

  10. Kansas City, Missouri

  11. Las Vegas, Nevada

  12. Manila, Philippines

  13. Mexico City, Mexico

  14. Nashville, Tennessee

  15. New York City, New York

  16. Orem, Utah

  17. Sacramento, California

  18. Salt Lake City, Utah

  19. Seattle, Washington

  20. Washington, D.C.

The other eight will be placed in cities participating in what the Church describes as a “mobile giving machine experience.” These machines will briefly stay in one city and then travel to another location. (The Daily Universe)

These additional eight machines will be in the following locations:

  1. Atlanta, Georgia

  2. Birmingham, Alabama

  3. Charleston, South Carolina

  4. Charlotte, North Carolina

  5. Flagstaff, Arizona

  6. Gila Valley, Arizona

  7. St. Augustine, Florida

  8. Tucson, Arizona

Close to Classic Cookie's headquarters in Sevierville, TN, a giving machine will be placed in Nashville for the second straight year. In 2021, the city placed machines outside of Bridgestone Arena where the NHL's Nashville Predators play. This one machine raised over $195,000 for local charities including ABLE Youth, Elmahaba Center, N.I.C.E., One Generation Away, and Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

These unique vending machines first launched in 2017 and have raised over $15 million dollars to support those in need. 100% of the donations go to the charity you choose while the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints covers the operational costs.

While you may be buying cookies and soda from vending machines during the holiday season, be sure to visit and donate with one of these Light the World vending machines. Nothing compares to giving to those who are less fortunate than you.


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