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University of Tennessee Brings in Locally-Made Classic Cookie

Classic Cookie set up in the Hodges Library P.O.D. Market for students to enjoy.
Classic Cookie in the Hodges Library P.O.D. Market

On January 18, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville officially brought in Tennessee-made Classic Cookie.

Classic Cookie's soft baked and crispy cookies were placed in all Provisions On Demand (P.O.D.) Markets on campus. The P.O.D. Markets combine the corner store with the style of a modern market, featuring grab 'n go dining options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time including: cookies, candy, chips, drinks, coffee, freshly-prepared sushi, salads, sandwiches, fresh produce, and other traditional essentials found in a convenience store. (Campus Dish)

Classic Cookie set up in the Rocky Top convenience store for students to enjoy
Classic Cookie in Rocky Top Convenience Store

Vol Dining, the management team overseeing all campus food and beverage retail operations, is excited about the cookies. According to Vol Dining staff, campus stores never had an option for an indulgent soft baked cookie. While they have stocked protein/vegan cookies and other crispy cookie brands, stores needed a single serve cookie that tasted just like a homemade product. Classic Cookie is a snack that fills in that gap and will give students what they want.

Vol Dining has also made a commitment to bring in more local products for the students to enjoy. When staff discovered that Classic Cookie was made 40 minutes away from campus in Sevierville, TN, they immediately jumped at the chance to bring the brand in.

During the first day of the semester, Classic Cookie and their local distributor went on campus to hand out samples to students to kickstart the new products. Students went crazy over the cookies!

One young man tried the Cinnabon® soft baked cookie and told sampling reps that it was, "the most beautiful cookie I've ever eaten."

One young woman tried a Cookies n' Créme made with Hershey's® white chips sample and immediately bought an entire 8-count box of the same flavor off the shelf.

Classic Cookie at the Zeanah Building POD Market on the University of Tennessee campus
Classic Cookie at Zeanah Building P.O.D. Market

Other students were surprised at how flavorful and soft the cookies were. Students who tried the crispy mini cookies also had rave reviews about the product.

Classic Cookie products can be found at the entrance of the Vol Hall POD Market at the University of Tennessee
Classic Cookie in the Vol Hall P.O.D. Market

Classic Cookie is a great snack addition for a college campus. University students have little time when trying to balance classes, homework, work, and social activities. Classic Cookie is the perfect grab-and-go item that students will love when taking a break or prepping for a test.

If you are interested in bringing Classic Cookie products to your college, email us here: Contact Classic Cookie


Do you want to try Classic Cookie snacks for yourself? Browse all cookie flavors here: Classic Cookie® Snacks

Do you have a Classic Cookie story you want to share? Email us at for a chance to have your story featured.

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